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For Clear Viz Computer, it means keeping a dedicated second set of eyes on your IT space. Whether you're a homeowner, professional, small business owner or even a larger corporation, Clear Viz Computer can provide you with personal IT consulting services (computer repair, SOHO networking, web services, software training and coaching, home entertainment setup) all tailored to your express needs. We focus on your IT World, so you can focus on your "vision" - the future direction of your business or brand.

At Clear Viz Computer, you "Possess the Vision®" - We keep a second set of eyes on it.

Keep your Surfing Safe and Secure

Whether you're just getting into "Wifi," or you've been on it for a while, of you are upgrading your router to take advantage or higher speeds or bandwidth, it's important to remember to keep your router and Internet traffic secure, by enabling the "encryption" features. The best encryption is WPA2 with a very strong security key. At Clear Viz Computer, privacy and security is paramount to your vision. We are ready to help you with configuting your router for the most secure sessions possible.

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