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Small Business/Homeowner Services

SOHO Network Design / Administration - We design/configure networks for the small/medium office, the home office, and the residential home itself. Let the design match your objectives. Sometimes, "old school" is better!

Personalized Computer Coaching/Tutoring - Want to master your computer and its apps.? Want to pass the latest IT Credential exams? Let Clear Viz Computer help you take those first steps toward being the "power user" you want to be.

PC Maintenance and Repair - The PC and Laptop still have life! Let Clear Viz Computer help keep yours running in top condition. We can also "build" custom workstations to your express requirements.

Home Entertainment - Confused about those new HiDef TVs? Want to save Cable TV costs by watching Internet based TV programs ("streaming video")? Clear Viz Computer can connect and configure your television and stereo/sound system for hours of enjoyment, and significant cost savings!

Video Surveillance / Security - See them coming before they get there, and know who's been on your property!

Moving / Relocation - Moving to a new home or business location? Let Clear Viz Computer help ease the stress!

Webmaster Services / Web Design - We'll arrange hosting for your website and administer sites of any size or complexity. We also design and build websites including blogs, e-commerce etc.

Project Management Services

Project Management - We bring over 25+ years of project management experience to the table. We "hit the ground running" and keep it running...

Equipment/Vendor Management - The right tools for the right job... and for your risk tolerance level...

True Project Estimates - Your vision is what matters...

Tenacious Stakeholder Management/Follow Through - The Secrets to our success in Project Management...

Enterprise Data Management

Data Collection/ETL - Data, like diamonds, are forever. But only if you can find, collect, and use them effectively. Let Clear Viz Computer help you find those "data diamonds" and tell your enterprise's true story.

T-SQL Database Design - It's all about performance... both in re: infrastructure and design, and the resultant response time...

Query Design and Performance Tuning - Start with the SQL code, and Keep it simple...

Business Intelligence - Before you can ask "What if" questions, you must have data that can, actually, help answer them!

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